Do I need an appointment?

Yes! While I wish I could accommodate walk-ins, with there only being one of me I HAVE to be able to set your appointments to give each bride and her family the full time and attention they deserve. Each appointment is one and a half hours long and in this time I will go through gowns with you, as well as veils and accessories if you so wish. I take appointments Tuesday-Saturday and am closed on Sundays and Mondays. If you have a special request appointment, I am always happy to work with you so please let me know if this is the case!

What should I expect?

Once you make your appointment and the big day arrives for you to come in, (yay!) you’ll simply enter through my bright yellow door and be greeted by me! Once we’ve all hugged, (or shaken hands…I realize not everyone is a hugger so don’t worry, I promise not to tackle you…) we will go back to our seating area in the back portion of the store. Once there, we’ll sit and talk for a few minutes about what you’ve tried, what your vision is, your ideal budget and then any other random fun things you have on your mind! At that point we’ll begin looking at gowns and go from there.



If I find my gown, how much do I pay?

If you find your gown, the next step is to take your measurements and decide on your sizing! I will pull up the size chart for your particular designer and show you how I find what size you fall on. It’s at this point that I will put together your invoice. For certain designers, I will require payment of your balance up front and in full as the designer requires their payment BEFORE beginning your gown. Other designers I carry will not need payment of your gown until its completion, therefore I will only require half down at the time of purchase, with the remaining to be paid upon its shipping.

I will go into more detail about this at the time of your appointment.


When should I start my gown search and how long does it take a dress to come in?

I love to see my brides AT LEAST A YEAR out from your wedding! You may think this is too long, but with the extended amount of time that it takes your gown to come in, which is typically 5-7 MONTHS, this timeline is necessary! I also love to tell my girls you will need another 2 months added to that for any alterations. Obviously, I know this isn’t ideal for every bride and that’s ok! I do have designers that can do quick ships within 2-4 months, however this incurs extra fees and is typically limited to certain gowns.


What sizes are your gowns and do you have plus sizes?

I carry samples in sizes 10-24 and can order gowns from 0-32! I also think it’s crucial to mention that I don’t EVER want any of my brides walking into my store with anxiety about whether or not they will fit a gown or not. Leave that to me because your single job is to ENJOY yourself. You’re going to be a gorgeous bride no matter what the number on the tag of your gown says.

Do you offer accessories?

Yes! I love being able to offer accessories from J. Picone, Veil Trends, Design by Conception, Badgley Mischka and Engrave This! J. Picone and Veil Trends are a family owned business based out of Denver, Colorado and design stunning belts, headpieces and veils. They range in price from $85-$900 and can be customized entirely to fit the bride’s needs. Design by Conception is similar, but operates out of Chicago, IL and specializes in stunning one of a kind headpieces. If you’re looking for a tiara or crown of any sort, this is your designer! They range in price from $150-$550. Badgley Mischka is all about shoes and sparkle and you can find several of their designs here in the store to perfectly pair with your gown! Lastly, if you’re looking for a sweet gift for yourself or someone else, Engrave This can put your new last name or initials on a beautiful gold cuff or necklace of your choice! I offer quite a bit in the way of accessories which is why I do special appointments specifically for this area of the store! Let me know if you’d like to set one up!


Do you have alterations in house and are they included in my gown price?

Sort of! I partner with Jennifer Wesley, the owner of The Darling Sew Shop, who is located inside the back portion of the store! While you are in no way tied to using her services, 99% of my brides simply find it easier as your fittings and your gown remain in the same place where you purchased your gown at your appointment! This also brings me to the cost of alterations. Jennifer is an incredible seamstress and as she is considered a separate business, her services are a separate charge. While she won’t ever be able to give you an exact estimate on your alterations until she pins your gown, her average ticket is between $350-$400. And yes, she can do custom work…in fact, together, she and I create lots of fun twists on your gown to make it more “you”!

If I missed your question here, please feel free to e-mail me!